Technology Driven Automated Production

Our cutting-edge European machinery is the backbone of Bengal NFK Textiles. Precision, innovation, and technology converge to transform raw materials into top-quality yarn and fabric. From carding to spinning to conditioning, each machine plays a pivotal role, ensuring we consistently exceed expectations. Our machinery, operated by a skilled team, keeps us at the industry’s forefront, setting new standards and pushing boundaries. It embodies our commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence, making us a trusted name in textiles. Explore our machinery and witness modern manufacturing artistry.


Machines in Unit 1


Machines in Unit 2

4.45 Lacs

Sqft Facility

Unit 1

Name of MachineModelBrand / OriginQtyProduction Rate
UNIflocA11Rieter / Switzerland11200 kg/h
UNIcleanB12Rieter / Switzerland11400 kg/h
UNImixB70Rieter / Switzerland1800 kg/h
UNImixB72Rieter / Switzerland1800 kg/h
UNIflexB60Rieter / Switzerland2600 kg/h
Uj Vision shield 21200/6SRieter / Switzerland21200 kg/h
CondenserA21Rieter / Switzerland2Delivery Funnel 220 mm
CardingC60Rieter / Switzerland12120 kg/h
Bracker (Single Head)SB-D40Rieter / Switzerland31100m/min
Bracker (Single Head)SB-D45Rieter / Switzerland21100m/min
Finisher (SngJe Head)RSB-D40Rieter / Switzerland31100m/min
Finisher (Double Head)RSB-D22Rieter / Switzerland11100m/min
SimplexFL 100-120 SpindleToyota / Japan51500m/min
SimplexHY-492C-120 SpindleHongyuan / China21300m/min
RingDTM-129-516 SpindleMarzoli / China641900m/min
AutoconeSavio ORION M-60 DrumsSavio / Italy112200m/min
Yarn Conditioning machineXorella Orion M-60 DrumsXorella AG / Switzerland1105kw/1200kg
Name of MachineModelBrand / OriginQtyProduction Rate

Unit 2

Name of MachineModelBrand / OriginQtyProduction Rate
Installation ControlLC-11Trutzschler / Germany1
Automatic Bale OpenerBO A35Trutzschler / Germany12000 kg/h
FanBR-FD500Trutzschler / Germany1
CondenserBR-COUTrutzschler / Germany1
Electronics Metal partSP-EMTrutzschler / Germany11000 kg/h
Two Way DistributorBR-2WTrutzschler / Germany11600 kg/h
CondenserBR-C01Trutzschler / Germany11000 kg/h
Pre-cleanerCL-PTrutzschler / Germany11600 kg/h
FanBR-FD425Trutzschler / Germany1
Universal Multi MixtureMX-UIOTrutzschler / Germany12200 kg/h
FanBR-FD425Trutzschler / Germany1
Material SeparatorBR-MS1600Trutzschler / Germany1
Universal CleanerCL-UTrutzschler / Germany12000 kg/h
Forcing Particle SeparatorTS-T5Trutzschler / Germany1
FanBR-FD425Trutzschler / Germany1
Automatic Fire ProtectionAROSAUSA1
CardingTC-15Trutzschler / Germany1295 kg
Can ChangerTC-CCTrutzschler / Germany12
Bracker (Single Head)SB-D 50Rieter / Switzerland51100m/min
Finisher (Single Head)RSB - D50Rieter / Switzerland51100m/min
SimplexFL200-156 SpindleToyota / Japan41500m/min
SimplexFL200-168 SpindleToyota / Japan21500m/min
RingBS572M-1140 SpindleBest / China331900m/min
AutoconeQPRO EX-72 DrumsMuratec / China112200m/min
Yarn Conditioning MachineCondiboxWalker / China1105kw/1200kg
Name of MachineModelBrand / OriginQtyProduction Rate