About Bengal NFK Textiles

About Bengal NFK

Producing World Class Yarn from Bangladesh

We’re in this business Since 2008 producing 100% export class yarns

Bengal NFK Textiles, established in 2008, stands as a pioneering name in Bangladesh’s textile landscape. With an unwavering commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology, we’ve become synonymous with excellence.

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Creating values for buyers, vendors, workers, shareholders, and all stakeholders. We created milestones in spinning in Bangladesh

Our Visionary Founders

Late Mr. Abdul Mannan
Founding Chairman
Late Mr. Rezaur Rahman
Founding Managing Director
Late Mr. Rashid Ahmed
Founding Director

Our state-of-the-art European machinery equips us with a production capacity of 70,000 spindles, allowing us to produce a remarkable 19 tonnes of 100% cotton yarn per day. This impressive capacity empowers us to meet market demands efficiently and effectively.

We pride ourselves on our technical prowess, which keeps us at the forefront of the industry. With two production units in operation, we’ve expanded our capabilities to offer an even wider range of top-quality products to our customers.

However, we’re not just about numbers and machinery. We’re also a responsible corporate citizen, providing accommodations and essential amenities for our employees, prioritizing their well-being. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s an integral part of our operations.

“At Bengal NFK Textiles, our mission is to craft excellence in textiles. We are dedicated to producing top-tier products, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and upholding the highest ethical standards. We nurture our employees, foster teamwork, and contribute responsibly to our community and the environment. We are committed to relentless growth, driven by innovation and sustainability.”

“Our vision is to lead the textile industry in Bangladesh, delivering uncompromising quality, competitive pricing, and timely deliveries. We aspire to be a symbol of integrity and excellence. Bengal NFK Textiles is more than a business; it’s a responsible corporate citizen, enriching lives and shaping a sustainable future.”

Our Guiding Principles

Upholding Excellence, Integrity, and Responsibility

Excellence in Quality of Production

We are unwavering in our pursuit of excellence, ensuring top-tier quality in every product and service to achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Customer-Centric Dedication

Our customers are at the core of our endeavors. We are dedicated to surpassing their expectations and fostering lasting relationships.

Integrity and Ethics

We uphold the highest ethical standards, conducting ourselves with integrity and nurturing an environment of trust and transparency.

People-Centric Approach

Our people are our greatest asset. We foster a supportive environment for their growth and well-being.

Collaborative Teamwork

We embrace teamwork and cooperation among our employees, recognizing that collective efforts drive our success.

Sustainable Growth

We are dedicated to responsible growth, mindful of our impact on the environment and community, and committed to contributing positively to both.

Our Management Team

Mehnaz Mannan


Message from the Chairman

“We started our journey in 1982 with the goal of building a company into a one-stop travel, logistics, and transportation center, in which we are definitely successful. Since then, our company has been evolving every day. As we know, change is the only constant. We are also going through continuous improvement in management expertise, the deployment of the right people, modern technologies, and infallible commitments. We have made this company a leading industry in Bangladesh by partnering with reputed international corporations and gaining the exceptional trust of South Asian people. With your constant faith in us, we wish to revolutionize this sector, which will thrust Bangladesh into becoming a developed country.”

Arif Rahman

Managing Director

Message from the Managing Director

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Faiqa Naser


Message from the Director

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